-Sherry Butt (500 liters/132 gallons): These tall casks are built with thicker staves, and are the most common type of cask in the sherry industry, and thus the most common sherry cask in the whiskey industry. The demand for Sherry butts in the Scotch industry in particular is so great that a whole supporting Sherry butt industry has grown up to support it, seasoning the casks with a Sherry style wine that is usually distilled into brandy rather than bottled as Sherry.

-Sherry Puncheon (500 liters/132 gallons): Compared to the Machine Puncheon, this cask uses thinner staves of Spanish oak, and is a secondary barrel type for the Sherry industry. Afterwards they are reused in the whiskey industry, most often for secondary rather than primary maturation.

-Hogshead (250 liters/59.4 gallons): The “hogshead” has been an English unit of measurement since at least the 15th Century. Today the term refers most often to a barrel made using recycled ASB staves. Five ASBs are broken down and rebuilt with new barrel heads as four hogsheads. This is the second most common type of whiskey barrel in the world, after the ASB they are drawn from


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